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I explore the ways innovation, privacy and reputation influence how we interact with businesses, governments and one another.

I’m the author of seven books, a Forbes contributor and Advertising Age columnist, marketing category expert at Answers.com, and a frequently quoted media resource on breaking business news. I serve as a managing director of TechNexus, a private sector national technology venture collaborative; lead Consensiv, a services firm dedicated to reputation metrics and advisory for public companies; work as a brand advisor to Orion Era, a space entertainment company, and act as counsel to Futurelab, a global customer-centricity advisory. I also create curiously entertaining museum audio tours for Amuseum Guides, and record music as Alphonso Mozart.

Coming in 2015

The End of Anonymity

I am currently at work on my 8th book, The End of Anonymity: Why your privacy is worth far more than quicker sign ins and better ads, which will explore the historical conflict between individuality and community, and the economic, political and social purposes to which privacy and identification have been put.