I've written 300+ essays about innovation, communications and culture for Forbes and Advertising Age over the past decade. Previously, I wrote about brands & technology for Information Week.

Currently, I'm focused on exploring the way individuals, businesses, and institutions "talk" about issues, such as the impact of technology, via a bi-weekly column at Linkedin.

I also write about various aspects of the communications profession, sharing "3 Things You Should Know" research insights from my agency's deep experience around the world. These articles, also on Linkedin, are supported by free, downloadable .pdfs.

On The Dangers of Opacity

Although business transparency is central to making decisions on investing, regulation, and what sort of world we are creating, there’s very little of it from many of the larg...

Buying Innovation Off The Shelf

“Nobody is breaking down our doors to give us a system to sense properties of hard rock,” explained Donovan Waller, Group Head of Technology Development at Anglo American...

The Connected Enterprise

A few years ago, the benefits of using new technology and processes to innovate its own connections between the shop floor to the top floor were evident to Rockwell Automation, per...