3 Things You Should Know About Technology

“Every company is a technology company,” declared Gartner’s research chief in 2013. The premise has since become accepted wisdom for learned academics and business reporters.

So how can you communicate effectively about it?

Things are especially challenging if you’re at an established business, which means you have to navigate a complex dance between marcom’s routines for communicating product details with customers, and a need to note the themes and popular buzzwords that matter to everyone else. Working within the constraints imposed on public companies makes it even harder.

The objective outcome of such circumstances can be hard to see sometimes. It’s easy to stare only at the beautiful and expensive content that announces your company’s “digitization,” or reveals that you, too, are pondering the Internet of Things. Lots of smart consultants are more than happy to take your money in exchange for delivering it, and telling you everything’s peachy.

Unfortunately, the result is that much of what big companies say about technology is similar, if not identical. Awareness is tenuous, and almost wholly dependent on a continuous expenditure of cash (i.e. ideas have no “currency” of their own).

Thought leadership content isn’t particularly thoughtful, and it doesn’t really lead. Stories glow on websites for the enjoyment of few visitors. Social sharing is confined to employees and others who have vested reasons to care, along with the attention of poseurs and bots.

Tech startups say stuff that seems to matter, and thereby steal the limelight. It’s they who’re inventing the future. Businesses like yours are only bystanders.

Or dinosaurs waiting to become extinct.

Here are 3 things you should know about getting more from your communications on technology…

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