Why Do Airplanes Make People Go Nuts?

There have been a few notable instances lately of people beating up each other on or near airplanes. Get ready for more of them.

A passenger breaks his nose when he’s evicted from a United flight. An American flight attendant who dings a passenger in the head with a stroller gets all but challenged to a duel by another passenger. A fight breaks out in the terminal over Spirit flight cancellations, one takes place on an ANA flight before it takes off, and a Delta pilot punches a passenger to keep her from choking another one.

Airlines and passengers are equally to blame.

Flying has become an incomprehensibly unpleasant experience, from the indignities of capricious TSA checks, to the increase in airline charges for baggage and in-flight amenities, and decrease in turnaround times and available leg space.

The latest announcements of super-compact economy seating (along with no reserved seats or use of overhead bins) seem to be an innovation almost purposefully designed to make people angry.

I get the logic: If low cost is the only thing that matters to travelers, then nothing else matters. Why hand out playing cards to folks who would gladly abandon your brand if they could save $10 on their next flight?

It also works, considering US airlines have reaped huge profits over the past 3 years.

Then there’s the human factor, which is a bit more complicated (and subjective)…

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