An AI can reliably predict whether or not you’re going to die within a year from a heart attack, only its coders can’t explain how. The experiment in late 2019 used ECG, age, and gender data on 400,000 patients to challenge robot and human diagnosticians to make their calls, and the AI consistently outperformed their […]

It’s official: Facebook has doubled down on its goal of imposing its radical ideology on the world. CEO Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t have been more clear in his comments at a tech conference last week: “We’re going to stand up for free expression. It’s unfortunate that this is such a controversial thing. This is a new […]

While we debate about if and how AI will ever gain consciousness, what if everything in the universe is already sentient? The thinking dates back to the ancient Greeks and a term called panpsychism, which means “everything has a mind/soul,” and it was described as some shared, animating force that made all living things alive. […]

Stakeholder capitalism is really nothing more than a marketing slogan intended to rebrand the same arrangement that has given us climate change, GMOs, and encouraged the creation of a disgruntled populace that, perhaps rightly so, doesn’t think that getting easier online shopping in return for economic servitude and planetary destruction is a fair trade. Read […]

Boeing’s widening woes are a warning to every communicator tasked with creating or sharing company purpose. The headline in today’s New York Times says it all: Cascading Crisis Reveals ‘Sick’ Culture at Boeing. Recently revealed internal documents show employees regularly cutting corners, dissing one another and insulting customers, feeling remorse for having deluded regulators and, […]

The shocking advances in robot technology were not on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, at least not in a way that anybody would recognize. There were lots of robots to see, of course, but they were mostly the silly and goofy kind, modeled on the advanced technologies debuted on Battlestar Galactica in 1978 […]