Jonathan Salem Baskin

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All of the PR people I know are running around like I am, making sure they’re getting the job done for their companies or clients. But one thing is making things a lot easier: Now we get to tell them the truth, and they’re telling the truth to their stakeholders. No, don’t get me wrong. […]

It’s not a slogan, vision, mission, or message either.  Sustainability is what companies do, sooperating in a way that ensures that they stay in business isn’t a new idea, it’s what they’ve been doing since forever. To stay in business, companies must always strive to meet the requirements of their markets and expectations of their […]

The evils of socialism threaten the economic freedoms that are synonymous with freedom of speech, free exercise of liberty, and America’s other fundamental rights, according to a speech Nikki Haley made to the Hudson Institute late last month (as reported by George Will, and here’s the full transcript of her remarks). She’s either mistaken, perhaps […]

Microsoft and IBM have signed the “Rome Call for AI Ethics,” pledging to the Vatican that their AI will protect the planet and its people. History is filled with secular leaders cutting such deals in exchange for the Church’s sanction for fighting a war newly deemed “holy,” or sometimes simply its benign disregard when said […]

An AI can reliably predict whether or not you’re going to die within a year from a heart attack, only its coders can’t explain how. The experiment in late 2019 used ECG, age, and gender data on 400,000 patients to challenge robot and human diagnosticians to make their calls, and the AI consistently outperformed their […]

It’s official: Facebook has doubled down on its goal of imposing its radical ideology on the world. CEO Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t have been more clear in his comments at a tech conference last week: “We’re going to stand up for free expression. It’s unfortunate that this is such a controversial thing. This is a new […]

While we debate about if and how AI will ever gain consciousness, what if everything in the universe is already sentient? The thinking dates back to the ancient Greeks and a term called panpsychism, which means “everything has a mind/soul,” and it was described as some shared, animating force that made all living things alive. […]