Jonathan Salem Baskin

Author, Advisor, Agitator

Corporate communicators are working hard to make programs work in a ‘new normal’ of changed expectations and, generally, constrained budgets. I worry that not enough of them are experimenting with new ones. Who could blame them? All of us are being challenged to do more with less, and do it while facing the most challenging […]

If your sales team approached customers the way we communicators talk at our stakeholders, your company would go out of business. The differences are shocking, and for years they’ve been evident in the different ways each department is treated: Sales departments are all but untouchable by others in the organization because what they do is […]

The World Health Organization (“WHO”) is paying PR firm Hill + Knowlton (“H+K”) $135,000 over the span of six weeks to assess its problems, identify its potential advocates and detractors, and test its messaging. Good luck with that. [Read the essay at Spiritual Telegraph]

It’s not certain and a lot can happen between now and early 2021, but my bet is that the annual Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) will be cancelled or severely curtailed. The show is still on, according to its organizers (the Consumer Technology Association, or “CTA”), and it promises to “highlight technologies that help provide solutions […]

A number of insurance companies are refunding a portion of customers’ auto payments during the COVID-19 lockdown, which is a smart and fair gesture. Unfortunately, they’ve ruined it with marketing. The gesture didn’t start out so lily-white, either. Fewer people on the roads means fewer accidents, so the insurance companies are looking at a windfall […]