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Stakeholder capitalism is really nothing more than a marketing slogan intended to rebrand the same arrangement that has given us climate change, GMOs, and encouraged the creation of a disgruntled populace that, perhaps rightly so, doesn’t think that getting easier online shopping in return for economic servitude and planetary destruction is a fair trade. Read […]

Boeing’s widening woes are a warning to every communicator tasked with creating or sharing company purpose. The headline in today’s New York Times says it all: Cascading Crisis Reveals ‘Sick’ Culture at Boeing. Recently revealed internal documents show employees regularly cutting corners, dissing one another and insulting customers, feeling remorse for having deluded regulators and, […]

The shocking advances in robot technology were not on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, at least not in a way that anybody would recognize. There were lots of robots to see, of course, but they were mostly the silly and goofy kind, modeled on the advanced technologies debuted on Battlestar Galactica in 1978 […]

Lots of folks are annoyed that Ivanka Trump is giving a “keynote discussion” at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”). It could be worse than you think. Trump will join CES leader Gary Shapiro to discuss “jobs and the future of work,” according to this story in The Guardian, which is annoying because she has […]

Is it possible that lakes and forests might have rights before robots? Voters in Toledo have granted “irrevocable rights for the Lake Erie Ecosystem to exist, flourish and naturally evolve” which, according to this story, would give it legal standing to file lawsuits to protect itself from polluters (through the mouthpiece of a human guardian). […]

It’s a fair bet that we’ll see more drone package deliveries in 2020, though it’s far less clear how it’ll affect privacy, liability, and noise. Alphabet’s Wing prompted a recent story in the Los Angeles Times outlining what it dubbed such “thorny questions” when it became the first company in the US to start a […]