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Lots of folks are annoyed that Ivanka Trump is giving a “keynote discussion” at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”). It could be worse than you think. Trump will join CES leader Gary Shapiro to discuss “jobs and the future of work,” according to this story in The Guardian, which is annoying because she has […]

Is it possible that lakes and forests might have rights before robots? Voters in Toledo have granted “irrevocable rights for the Lake Erie Ecosystem to exist, flourish and naturally evolve” which, according to this story, would give it legal standing to file lawsuits to protect itself from polluters (through the mouthpiece of a human guardian). […]

It’s a fair bet that we’ll see more drone package deliveries in 2020, though it’s far less clear how it’ll affect privacy, liability, and noise. Alphabet’s Wing prompted a recent story in the Los Angeles Times outlining what it dubbed such “thorny questions” when it became the first company in the US to start a […]

A few weeks ago, I took the presumptive step of telling a would-be client that I thought her brand’s recent blog post was generic and unwanted, and she lectured me on the merits of a balanced content marketing strategy. The response echoed arguments cereal manufacturers once made that the addition of fruit and dairy to […]

A group called The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots advocates for global treaties to stop AI from waging war without human approval. AI weapons are “grossly unethical and immoral,” according to a celebrity advocate quoted in a newspaper. Unfortunately, so are any tools used to wage wars, as there’s nothing ethical or moral about a […]

The World Economic Forum’s new “Davos Manifesto: is dishonest gibberish, created by committee based on demographic research from marketers and filtered through the presentations of management consultants. You can read more about it at Medium.

A robot rolling around a park just south of Los Angeles risks giving robots a bad name. The machine, called “HP RoboCop,” is shaped like an egg resembling a streamlined Dalek from Doctor Who, isn’t really a robot as much as a surveillance camera on wheels; right now, it simply tootles along the park’s concrete […]