I’ve written nine books about the intersection of business, brands, and culture, with particular focus on the ways technology changes how we communicate and innovate.

A Cross of Silicon challenges the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, smart cities, and new uses for big data.

Today in the Histories of Social Media uses quirky facts and figure from history to reveal the precedents of “new” media experiences.

Tell the Truth argues that truth isn’t an opinion or belief, and that truthful brands deliver better & more sustainable sales and profits.

Branding Still Only Works on Cattle reveals why nobody believes what companies say, and why that’s mostly a self-inflicted problem.

A Thousand Words makes the case for words and spoken/written language in a world obsessed with images and brevity.

Histories of Social Media explores two thousand years of communications do’s and don’ts to illustrate the ways we use the latest media.

Dim Bulb delivers 9 strategic communications trends and 86 tactical ideas in 101 essays full of nuance, insight, and humor.

Branding Only Works On Cattle proposes a novel, new customer engagement approach that’s based on reality, not fantasy or spin.

Strange in Place: Tales from the Homefront of the New Paranormal shares 12 audio stories about how the unfamiliar can feel very familiar.