I’ve been working on new music during the lockdown and here’s my latest, entitled Concrete:

I’ve also begun work on my new musical, Ludd’s Children, about the first factory robots who unionize (or it may be a novel with a soundtrack). I’m posting songs in development here.

Late in 2019, I finished my first musical, Measurement, and some intrepid students at Beloit College helped craft the first public readings. Now we’re looking for partners to make it live…


A musical experiment about physics & love

In 1887, Albert Michelson tried to find proof of an aether that scientists believed filled the universe and connected everything from planets to people. The century that followed gave us relativity, abstract art, and two world wars instead.

Measurement is about what happened to the people who were touched by that experiment, based mostly on historical fact with a bit of poetic license added to fill in the blanks. It’s interspersed with 9 original songs; here’s a rough demo of the closing number:

Now, from Measurement

For more information, please visit the Measurement website.