My latest project was to realize John Milton’s Paradise Lost in songs that are mostly first takes and minimally instrumented/modified, which is now available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

I’m working on the second draft of Ludd’s Children, book #1 in a three-book series about love and robots. I’d originally imagined it as a musical and recorded a few songs for it (more may be coming down the road):

My first musical, Measurement, starts in 1887 and tells the story of Albert Michelson’s lifelong search to find proof of an aether that scientists believed filled the universe and connected everything from planets to people. The century that followed gave us relativity, abstract art, and two world wars instead. Some intrepid students at Beloit College helped craft the first public readings in late 2019:

I continue to compose and record songs if/as they occur to me: