Dating A Scientist

After reading one of the regularly excellent issues of New Scientist magazine, I caught an ad near the back cover that offered a dating service. “Look for your hero,” it said, promising to help readers “meet like-minded people who share similar interests.” The picture featured a blonde woman wearing goggles, a bad cape, and carrying a briefcase.

Geek matchmaking. It struck me as a brilliant idea.

Big data have made dating a far more predictable, if not a somewhat clinical exercise. Meetings and insights that were once consigned to dumb fate are now coded into detailed checklists of qualities, opinions, and proclivities that yield statistically reliable probabilities for matches.

It turns out that finding your soul mate has much in common with picking out a new car or vacation destination. Lots can be extrapolated from apparently inconsequential bits of data. A hair color preference, or none at all, could help feed an algorithm that speaks to far deeper personality traits.

What was once the mad chance of finding love has become its rational pursuit, and it kinda works.

Could using science as the data set make the system work more efficiently for science-interested singles?

It’s a cool idea…

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