I specialize in hosting workshops focused on solving complex communications challenges and delivering tangible, actionable solutions, such as:

  • Product Launches that draw on a company’s every resource, so communications plans aren’t limited to the tactics of what the marketers and PR people can invent.
  • Thought Leadership programs that go beyond the “water is wet” nature of most content driven by the C-Suite and provides real opportunities to stand out.
  • Events that demand attention, whether at a trade show or bespoke opportunity, and attach those plans to meaningful business metrics (not just eyeballs or foot traffic).
  • Sustainability communications plans that unlock the deep and costly work embedded in most reports on the subject, and apply it to media that make it meaningful to audiences beyond the expertly informed.

I’ve also given keynotes around the world on the broad topics of truth in communications, the underlying realities of social media experience, and the emergence of populist sentiment as a brand engagement issue.

Samples of my work: