Why Not Autonomous Everything Else First?

A fully autonomous kitchen would be far more interesting to me than a self-driving car.

We are told stories about the, er, drive to autonomous vehicles as if it were our generation’s Manhattan Project or Moon shot. Car companies and their suppliers are pouring money into development and spending on PR, as tech companies large and small are doing the same.

Why not autonomous everything else first?

I mean, kitchens function much as they did 50 years ago. Even considering the addition of microwave ovens, electrified chopping, and voice-activated timers, the act of cooking is overwhelmingly dependent on active user control.

Ditto on automated bathrooms. Imagine if the acts of shaving, washing, drying and styling, lotion-ing, and brushing your teeth were somehow accomplished in some radically new way, so that you could spend the time reading (or how about sleeping an extra half hour?).

Maybe entire homes could be automated to operate as sensate entities that anticipated resident needs, saved energy, and, oh wait, technology companies were promising that a decade ago, and many of us still can’t figure out how to use the half-dozen remotes in our living rooms.

Why the fascination with cars?

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