Despite the easy headlines about consumer apps, tech startups, and special departments or incubators set up to do innovative things, the real innovations occur when established companies draw on what makes them unique (history, skills, customers) and dare to change processes, challenge expectations, and take risks in their operations.

Innovation Communicator was created to be the world's best source for stories that look past the easy examples of big data, IoT, autonomous cars, and other tech tools...and talk about the people who get the work done, the processes they use, and the impacts of their accomplishments.

It's primarily targeted at reporters and analysts who are interested in exploring this underlying reality, as well as fellow innovators who want to learn what and how others achieve success.

Currently, we’re looking for stories about innovation like these in the following subject areas:



Taming Wind Power

Innovating sustainable energy solutions requires a lot more than simply embracing renewables. In the case of wind, it means developing new ways to forecast the weather and operationalize those insights. More





Anglo AmericanBuying Innovation Off The Shelf

Anglo American is innovating ways to reduce variability in mining operations by tailoring what’s available from consumer and industrial markets. Doing so could help it leapfrog past it. More





Tokyo ElectronThe Internet of Things Is Simpler Than You Think

Tokyo Electron sees a significant opportunity to help its chip-making customers power IoT devices. Developing that market took innovating an entirely new business model. More





YaraThe Internet Of Plants

Sensors and data have already increased crop yields as much as 15-20%, lowered water use by one-third, and reduced fertilizer use. Here’s how the Internet of Plants is a reality. More





NovartisUpending Early-Stage Drug Research

Cutting-edge genetic science is speeding and improving clinical trials. More






hubA Crowdsourced Hotel Room

It literally took a room to its customers to get their input, and then innovated with its supply partners to deliver it. More





Danske BankA Bank That Wants To Disrupt Itself

Denmark’s largest bank got its wake-up call in 2013, when its wildly popular smartphone app prompted a scary question: “What would we have done if the innovation had come from a competitor?” More





EncanaSpeeding The Search For Oil

A key innovation was to integrate the activities of teams that developed the play’s untapped potential, even as others drilled and operated it. More





AutolivWhat Will Safety Look Like Once Cars Are Smart?

Computer-assisted controls promise to make driving safer, but the nature of accidents will change, not simply go away. More