Spiritual Telegraph

In a world brimming full of presumed answers, Spiritual Telegraph is where I ask provocative questions about:

  • Communications — The purpose of business is evolving, which requires brands to communicate more transparently, authentically, and with greater relevance to our lives. What’s working, and what isn’t?
  • Technology — Shouldn’t we challenge and talk more openly about the ways AI and smart devices are transforming how we work and play? It’s not inevitable or intrinsically good…or bad.
  • Art — A musical about a famous science experiment, another one about the first industrial robots to unionize, and sci-fi short stories about the coronavirus experience. Are they good/can they be better?

You can join me on this journey in a number of ways:

  • Reader — Subscribe to one, two, or all three channels, each of which will contain at least one new, exclusive post every week or so. The full content will not be available anywhere else.
  • Collaborator — Subscribe to Communications, Technology, or both and get collaborator-only early access to weekly drafts and help shape them with your feedback and suggestions.
  • Producer — Subscribe to the Art channel and get exclusive backstories to Measurement, share your feedback on my latest book, a collection of short sci-fi stories about the pandemic tentatively entitled Strange In Place, and comment on early script/music ideas for my next musical (Ludd’s Children, which will be about the first factory robots that unionize).

I look forward to seeing you soon!