Technology Has A POV

It’s accepted wisdom that technology is nothing but a neutral tool that has no inherent meaning or effect. It’s also not true.

The truth is most evident in information technology.

Resource planning and supply chain software, and all of the gizmos and apps attached to those programs, have changed how businesses are run.

Decision makers aren’t just better informed, but they make decisions at different times and in different ways. Plans that were once forward-looking are now invented and managed in real-time. Visibility up and down the supply chain has redefined who’s responsible for what, and how costs and profits get divvied up. Jobs have been destroyed, just as others created.

Technology didn’t just enable improvements in the status quo, but brought with it a POV that encouraged decisions based on the dictates of statistical controls, and disincentivized gut calls (or risk taking). It relocated responsibility from individuals to the system, and dictated actions and services to vendors and partners who’d traditionally been in control.

The management of every big enterprise on the planet has changed dramatically. So has working at any of them.

To ignore the biases inherent in that technology is to misunderstand its function.

Something similar has happened to the effects of information technology in the consumer world…

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